Bai Ngau Ham

Bai Ngau HamThe objective of this game is to obtain a higher point value than the dealer using 5 cards. The player and dealer will ‘set’ 2 hands. The ‘high’ hand will use three cards and MUST total 10, 20, or 30 using cards face values and picture cards have a value of 10. If this ‘high’ hand doesn’t equal one of these numbers the hand will not ‘qualify’. The remaining 2 cards are used to compete against the dealer hand and the points are totaled by face value with 10 and picture cards equaling 10. 20 is the highest hand value.

  • This game uses a standard 52 card playing deck.
  • The dealer will call for bets from the players. The players must bet on their hand but also have the option to bet on a ‘Jackpot’. 
  • Once all bets are complete the dealer will shake 3 dice to determine what player will receive the first set of cards. 
  • The dealer will then give all players and themselves 5 cards face down. 
  • The players will set their hand. If they do not qualify the players will place their hand facedown. If they player qualifies they will open their cards. 
  • Once all players have set their hand the dealer will set their hand. 
  • If the dealer does not qualify they will pay all players that qualify and TIE players who did not qualify. 
  • If the dealer qualifies they will pay all players with a higher value and collect losing bets. Losing bets are hands with a lower value or not qualified. 
    • Players winning with a point value of 5 will win ½ their original wager. 
  • If the player made a $1 jackpot bet the dealer will pay a bonus bet based on the below paytable.

Bai Ngau Ham Jackpot Paytable

Straight Flush


4 of a Kind


Full House






3 of a Kind


2 Pair