Caribbean Stud Poker


  • Players join the game by making an initial bet, or “ante’, before the cards are dealt.
  • It is also at this time that additional bets may be placed on the progressive jackpot. This bet is independent of the game, but only players who have wagered the ante may join the jackpot.
  • Five cards are dealt face down to each Player and the Dealer, with the Dealer’s last card dealt face up.
  • Players look at their cards and decide whether to “bet” or “fold”. Players are not allowed to communicate while looking at their cards.
  • If you think your hand will beat the Dealer’s, you place a bet on the marked area that is double your Ante.
  • If you do not want to play, you fold by placing your cards face down on the table. The Dealer will then take your ante.
  • If the Dealer does not qualify, i.e., does not have an Ace and King or better, all the Players’ antes are paid even money. All bets are disregarded. The Dealer then checks for winning jackpot hands.
  • If the Dealer qualifies and your hand beats the Dealer’s, you are paid even money for the ante, plus the payout for your bet, depending on what your hand is.
  • If the Dealer’s hand beats yours, you lose both your bet and your ante.
  • Jackpots are paid after the bet and ante have been settled.


One Pair or Less

1 to 1

Even money

Two Pairs

2 to 1

(up to max payout)

Three of a Kind

3 to 1

(up to max payout)


4 to 1

(up to max payout)


5 to 1

(up to max payout)

Full House

7 to 1

(up to max payout)

Four of a Kind

20 to 1

(up to max payout)

Straight Flush

50 to 1

(up to max payout)

Royal Flush

250 to 1

(up to max payout)

Note: Maximum Payout = $5,000