Casino War

How to Play:

Dealer gives each Player and himself a card.
(Tie Bet: Optional)

  • If the Player’s card is higher than the Dealer’s card: Player wins 1:1. Tie bet loses (if there’s any).
  • If the Dealer’s card is higher than the Player’s card: Player loses his original bet and loses his tie bet (if there’s any).
  • If the Player’s card ties the Dealer’s card: Tie bet will be paid 1:10,

while his original bet:

  • If Player surrenders: Player lose half.
  • If Player goes to war: Dealer and Player must match the original bet leaving 3 units in action:
  • Dealer then burns 3 cards and gives one card to Player and burns another 3 cards and then gives one card to himself.
  • If Player’s beats the Dealer, Player wins the 3 units.
  • If the Player ties the Dealer, Player wins the 3 units plus additional unit (total 4 units).
  • If Dealer beats the Player, the house wins the 3 units.