Three Pictures

Three PicturesThis game is played with a standard 52 card playing deck and uses a baccarat scoring system whereby 10’s and face cards have value ‘0’ and all other cards have their face value.  The players objective is to obtain higher ‘points’ than the dealer.

  • The dealer will call for all bets.  Players must bet on their hand, they can also bet on ‘Tie’ which pays 8-1 and ‘Three Pictures’ which pays 16-1.
  • Once betting is complete the dealer will give all players and the dealer will receive 3 cards.
  • The player will win if they have higher points than the dealer.  If the point value is the same, the number of face cards in the hand will be used as a tie breaker.
    • Example: Player has Jack, 10, 9.  Hand Value is 9.  The dealer had 8, 2, 9.  Hand Value is 9.  Player will win because the hand has 1 face card.
    • A hand value with three pictures will beat all other hand values.
  • Tie bets will pay based on ‘point value’ only, the number of face cards will not be used when settling the Tie Bet.
  • Betting the ‘Three Picture’ option is a wager on the dealer’s hand value.
  • Winning bets will be paid even money less a 5% commission.