Delight in our range of tantalising special dishes at Chopstick and Golden Bowl restaurants celebrating the seasonal spirit of Chinese New Year.

Golden Bowl

Enjoy sumptuous meals as the Prosperity Set- Braised Seafood Rice and Longevity Noodle – Crispy Flying Noodles with Seafood set from Golden Bowl at $15 per set which comes with a black chicken and steamed Nian Gao.


Savour the mouth-watering festive delicacies being served at 24-hour restaurant Chopstick Noodle House in celebration of Chinese New Year. Indulge in our special dishes like Clay Pot Pork Knuckle with Black Sea Moss, Mushrooms and Broccoli, Steamed seabass with choy poh ( preserved raddish sauce), and the CNY must eat Steamed Glutinous Rice cake Nian Gao with coconut and peanuts.