With eager anticipation, NagaWorld welcomes the Hairy Crab season once again! Our 2 award-winning Chinese restaurants are serving mouth-watering dishes from 1 October featuring the esteemed autumn delicacy imported all the way from Jiangsu, China.

Indulge in the freshest harvest of hairy crabs – renowned for their sweet and succulent flesh and creamy golden roe – at award-winning Chinese restaurants Fortune Palace and Hall of Golden Chimes.

From $39, whole male or female crabs can be ordered steamed, double-boiled with rice soup or Drunken style (cooked in rice wine) at Fortune Palace. Diners can alternatively relish steamed hairy crab with signature sauce at Hall of Golden Chimes, or get straight to the decadent crab meat in steamed dumplings or braised with homemade tofu in brown sauce. Dishes from $23.