Our newly-launched menu lets you indulge in the exquisite tastes of authentic and modern Japanese cuisine in an elegant and intimate setting. 4 private rooms are staffed by talented teppanyaki chefs, who create an entertaining and unique dining experience with skilled twirling of knives, airborne ingredients and flashes of fireballs in front of your very eyes.
Choose from a range of premium items to be freshly grilled at your table, including the world’s most exclusive beef – Kobe A4 sirloin and Wagyu A3 tenderloin – flown in from Japan. Impeccable sushi and sashimi are also available featuring top quality fresh seafood such as spiny lobster, abalone, salmon, snow crab, yellowtail and scallop.
Delightful appetisers, yakitori skewers, soups, salads and delectable desserts complete the menu, accompanied by a fine selection of Japanese sakés, shōchūs, beers and tea.
Limited seats are available daily, so reservations are highly recommended.