Job purpose

Accountable for the overall function of the limousine service and dispatch vehicles and drivers to meet customer’s transportation needs. Conveys a high profile of the company by being neatly dressed and offering quality customer service courteously.

Duties and responsibilities

Monitor and Oversee Financial Management of the Department

  • Ensures adherence to NagaWorld’s Code of Conduct, Internal Rules and Regulations at all times by constituents;
  • Properly sake keep copy of vehicle registration card, insurance cards and other document/s inside vehicle;
  • Knowledgeable of NagaWorld’s facilities and amenities rendered to guest/s (Product Knowledge);
  • Implementation of health and safety hygiene standard / measures to guest/s and subordinates to avoid health risk hazard (ready face mask and alco-gel, if needed);
  • Monitors and maintains amenities for guest/s in vehicle (wet tissue, umbrella, drinking water and towel);
  • Properly liaise with superior/s regarding guest/s concerns;
  • Avoids causing inconvenience to guest, provide immediate solution when necessary;
  • Performs other duties as assigned by management;
  • Securely transport guest/s passport from airport to VIP office in NagaWorld (All guest/s passport are placed in a secured lock bag and recorded prior to transfer process, if needed);
  • Adherences to confidentiality policy (all guest’s personal details and information strictly private and confidential);
  • Provides best convenience to arriving VVIP guest/s while inside the vehicle;
  • Knowledgeable of tourist destination, restaurant/s and landmarks;
  • Knowledgeable and updated on road access and Cambodian traffic laws;
  • Handles guest/s concern professionally, report any incident to Superior;
  • Prepares maps, directions, and other related materials inside vehicle;
  • Adaptive to schedule changes and adjusts resources accordingly; (quick response to scenarios);
  • Efficiently communicate with colleague directly or via radio to assist in the execution of their assignments ;
  • Keeps updated to avoid traffic and bottle neck area/s;
  • Develops a transparent relationship with all outside vendors including vehicle maintenance service centers, phone companies, insurance and radio companies;
  • Ensures driver/s airport car or vehicle pass are updated to avoid delay on VIP guest/s departure flight;
  • Liaises with concerned VIP support team for VIP guest/s arrival and departure schedule.

Manage the Staff

  • Implement procedures and coordinates the H1 Services daily operation;
  • Prepares and arranges dispatch of driver/s schedule and rotation;
  • Oversees subordinates ensure their daily task is done;
  • Monitors driver/s overall grooming prior to heading for assigned areas;
  • Ensures staff/s understand the basic operational procedure of assigned vehicle;
  • Briefs staff/s properly and clearly when handover of information to the next shift;
  • Guides staff/s to take comments constructively and positively;
  • Maintains good leadership qualities;
  • Proper implementation of company and department’s SOP to subordinates;
  • Adjusts manpower allotment and rotation when necessary (adjust manpower to extend time of work on heavy arrival and departure);
  • Assists to monitor staff/s improvements on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in accordance with department’s goal report progress to Assistant Manager;
  • Fairly handle staff issues or non-compliance to policies and procedures by own capacity and report to superior;
  • Provides driver/s with proper guidance and motivate staff to improve performance;
  • Takes responsibility and maintain, care of company’s vehicle;
  • Ensures all driver/s pass medical check have a good vision / eyesight and health;
  • Ensures all driver/s give courtesy and treat guest/s politely all the times;
  • Trains all driver/s to have good service standards;
  • Timely and accurately dispatch of driver/s for daily assignments;
  • Ensures all driver/s abide by Cambodian traffic laws (rules and regulation);
  • Ensures all driver/s are qualified and have a valid driving license;
  • Ensures all driver/s have no criminal record/s from the authorities;
  • Assists subordinate to ensure gradual progress on their work performance;
  • Adherences to road safety procedures.

Develop, Plan and Deliver Programs and Services

  • Manages assigned operational functions for limousine services consistent with the strategic plan and vision for the department, division, and property;
  • Assigns and allocates equipment and human resources to meet scheduled trips;
  • Trains and helps driver/s remember company facilities and amenities (product knowledge);
  • Coaches, teaches driver/s and fairly implement appropriate action on incurred offence;
  • Recommends driver/s for improvement of training skills;
  • Recommends driver/s to enhance communication skills;
  • Recommends driver/s to enhance customer service skills.


  • High school graduate or equivalent education required;
  • Must have supervisory skills;
  • Minimum 5 years of professional driving experience;
  • Have a valid professional driving license aligned with assigned vehicle;
  • Superior customer service, team building and conflict resolution skills;
  • Previous experience in a role of dispatcher preferred, but not mandatory;
  • English and Mandarin proficiency. Any other South East Asian languages are an asset;
  • Strong knowledge of Asian and Non-Asian VIP patron cultural preferences.

Working Conditions

This position may require extended working hours and may include evenings, weekends and public holidays.

Direct Reports

Any person(s) nominated by management.

How to apply

Please submit CV, highlighting job position to
Talent Acquisition – Group Human Resources
NagaWorld® Limited
Samdech Techo Hun Sen Park, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.

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