Indulge in a delectable new All-You-Can Eat Dim Sum menu at our award-winning Chinese restaurant Hall of Golden Chimes, now available every day!
Exciting new additions to the sumptuous lunchtime feast include Crispy Fried Pork & Taro Dumplings, Baked Char Siu Pastry, Golden Fried Prawn Spring Rolls, Seafood Congee, Seafood Fried Rice with Egg White, and Crispy Noodles with Seafood and Egg Sauce!
The chef’s signature and classic Cantonese dishes like Hall of Golden Chimes Prawn Dumplings, Steamed Pork and Crab Roe Siu Mai, Roast Duck and Char Siu Pork Platter, and Crispy Pandan Swan Puffs remain on the menu to be savoured once more.
For an extra special treat for your dining party, exclusive Top Up Items are available to order such as Crispy Peking Duck with Chinese Pancakes, Roasted Goose with Assorted Marinated Mushrooms, Steamed Baby Abalone Dumplings, and Baked Egg Tart with Bird’s Nest.

Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, 10:30am to 2:30pm: $32 per person